Motor Management Program

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Would you rest easier if you knew that you always had spare motors available 24 hours per day - 7 days per week - 365 days per year? Our program delivers this and much more! We will manage your spare motors, refurbish or rebuild them if necessary, prepare them for storage, and then warehouse them onsite at Whelco for future use. When a motor fails, we deliver a spare motor from storage, pick up the failed motor, rebuild it, and prepare it for storage.

We also provide detailed reports on your spare parts usage. By utilizing this system, our customers can use all of their floor space for production, not storing spare motors and they always have spare motors readily available in the event of a failure. Your motors are stored in a secure, controlled environment to ensure they're ready for use when needed.

Motor Storage Program.jpg

SPARE MOTORS NOW – A ready supply of motors that will fit your machine available with one call.

COST SAVINGS – Motor matrix pricing with fixed cost of repair at discounted rates.

EXPERIENCE – People with decades of repair experience.

EASY RECORD KEEPING – Track lifecycles and summary billing.

HIGHER PRODUCTION – We store your equipment giving you more floor space for other needs.

Keeping your fingers on all of your assets in an easy system will help make your life easier. Our asset management program tracks parts usage by bar coding your spare electrical/electronic parts and tracking their movement whether they're in use, in storage, or out for repair.